I will be your confidant as we work together to pull your team together to get the outcome you are needing…that is the value equation to support you and your patients. We get your whole team to work together to implement your strategic change.

During the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936, nine University of Washington rowers defeated the Germans to win the Gold Medal.  Not only an underdog victory of all time…each member of the team was rowing for the win…but, more importantly, each had one shared goal and each was rowing for each other….as a united team. This is the spirit we establish for our client that allows them to accomplish important strategic initiatives.

We help you keep your team “in the boat…” rowing to success. By setting a clear objective for your strategic initiative and keeping the team rowing together, your team will obtain the outcome you need.

Mercy Health

Midstate Medical Center

Bravo Health

Priority Health

Universal American


“Dr Bonhag designed the whole program and all the projects to get it done…he kept it all moving and together for us…and I recruited him again for another organization.”


Health Insurer

“…our goal was to increase health status and reimbursement with several innovative approaches that we developed with Dr. Bonhag…turned out to be a big success”

Dr. H.

Chief Medical Officer, Health Insurer

“I can count on Dr. Bonhag to get outcome that we needed (and promised)…he did it for me before…”


Health Insurer

“After several false starts, we asked Dr. Bonhag to take over the project and get it done so that our providers would benefit and he managed the team to get it done”


Health Insurer

“…we are focused not only on providing excellent care for patients but also on supporting our staff…he made sure of both…realized operating savings.”

Sister S.

CEO, Hospital System

“I really leaned on him to think about managing the organization change.”

Ted H.

CEO, Hospital System

“We had to roll out a new product and with it he was able to redesign our enrollment process with a really large increase in memberships”


Health Insurer